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  • Brian Voth from IntelliFARM joins us to talk about the canola and corn market.

Real Ag: April 11, 2019


In a perfect world, you’d price grain several times a year, locking in a percentage of production at a profit, as determined by a complete cost of production figure.

But farming isn’t perfect, and only the truly disciplined (and lovers of all things marketing) have annual pricing plans and stick with them.

Pricing Grain While Managing Production Risk

Shaun Haney from talks about the seven deadly sins of agriculture marketing.



Let he who is without sin?

Pope Gregory I probably didn’t foresee his list being used as guidance for grain farmers managing market risk when he defined what became known as the seven cardinal sins in 590 AD.

But whether we’re talking morality or grain marketing, these behaviours and habits can be costly.

Avoiding the Seven Deadly(ish) Sins of Grain Marketing

Farmgate video:


What should you move, price and hedge – and when?

That’s what some farmers think about every early harvest season, especially if they have big bills due soon and haven’t forward-priced and arranged delivery for enough to cover them.

VIDEO: 2016 crop still a big question mark

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A wet spring caused canola production to drop one percent; wheat harvest is expected to rise by 10.5 percent

WINNIPEG/OTTAWA (Reuters) — Canadian farmers are set to harvest slightly less canola but more wheat, according to Statistics Canada’s first production report of the year.

Canadian farmers to harvest less canola


A lot less western Canadian grain is being trucked over the U.S. border this year.

But the U.S. market still plays an important role in offering farmers better prices, says a southern Manitoba marketer and adviser.

Less Canadian grain trucked south

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