Brian Voth
Brian Voth

Originally from Altona, MB in the heart of the Red River Valley, it surprises a lot of people to find out that I don’t come from a farming background. I actually grew up in a construction family, with my dad still running the company he bought in his 20’s. It wasn’t until I was 19 that I went to work on a farm for the first time, but it was enough to hook me. The following summer I did custom spraying for Agricore and worked on another farm during non spray days, then decided to go to school.

I did the Diploma program at the University of Manitoba and graduated with the Finance option, to go into Ag lending. However, the marketing class got me hooked within the first two months and changed my focus. As a summer job for two years I worked as a grain buyer at Bunge in Altona, buying canola and flax for the crush plant.

I enrolled in the Degree program immediately following Diploma, and two years later finished with a B.Sc. in Agribusiness. While in the Degree program, I started working part time as an advisor with Ag-Chieve out of Winnipeg, advising farmers on selling their grain.

In 2010 I was looking for a change and started a franchise of Agri-Trend Marketing, building it over the next six years, before selling it in 2016 and going independent.

IntelliFARM is the culmination of nine years of working in the market analysis and consulting world, and I am excited to be part of this to continue helping farmers improved their bottom line through strategic marketing decisions.

Lyle Wiens
Lyle Wiens

I grew up on a grain farm just south of Winnipeg in Domain. From an early age, I was involved with many aspects of the farm including seeding, pesticide application, harvest and running the seed processing plant during the winter months. Following high school, I completed my undergraduate degree in Agri-business at the University of Manitoba. I currently reside in Altona with my wife, Ashley, and our Daughter, Ada. I still involve myself with the family farm as much as possible, particularly during harvest.

The experience I have working as product support for a local machinery sales company has given me a passion for working with farmers and an ability to relate to the challenges that the family farm faces. One such challenge being finding a balance between work and family. No matter what time of year, there never seems to be enough hours in a day to check off all the items on “the list”. Furthermore, new technologies and methods are continually emerging that require time and energy to learn and incorporate. Being a market advisor with IntelliFARM allows me to lessen some of this burden on farmers as well as to help them become more profitable.

Troy Voth
Troy Voth

Being from Altona, I was surrounded by agriculture. In between baseball games and swimming pools, I spent a lot of time on friends’ farms, and in barns. I knew I was passionate about agriculture, and I knew I didn’t have the cash lying around to buy a farm, so I pursued agriculture from a different angle.

I am an Ag Diploma grad, as well as an Ag Business Degree grad. I went this route so that I could get more involved in ag, to a deeper level. My work background started in farm machinery, then to inputs and grain buying. It has been an incredible learning experience, and an extremely valuable one, because all along, I always thought to myself, “Would I buy this, if I farmed?” or, “If I farmed, would that make me more profitable?” If it was equipment, an input, or a service, I always related it back to, if I had my own farm.

When selling inputs, it was rewarding to hear the appreciative words from customers, when I would advise them on things that would make them more economically efficient. Whether it be less fertilizer than they planned on using, based on soil test results, a single shot inoculant instead of double, because the bradyrhizobia population was plentiful, or a lower seeding rate for optimal plant population, I enjoyed using my knowledge, to help them make better management decisions.

I am excited to bring the same level of passion and work ethic, with a focus on profitability, to customers through IntelliFARM.

Bob Barton

I graduated from the School of Agriculture at U of S in 1977 majoring in soil science and ag economics.

My work experience includes: fertilizer representative with Cominco Ltd. (now Agrium), managing the Co-op Implements dealership in Yorkton till Co-op Implements left Western Canada, working with United Grain Growers as Sales Manager for Canora Territory, Location General Manager with Agricore United in Cupar, Grain Marketing Coach with Cargill for Eastern Sask and Western Manitoba, and Market-Coach with Agri-Trend Marketing.

I owned and operated a 1200 acre grain farm from 1973 to 1996 as well as Tonnar Land and Grain from 1989 to 1990. I brokered grain into Alberta & USA and managed land leases for absentee landlords.

I have extensive experience in grain farming and grain procurement & handling. During my years with Cargill, I was involved in the development of the Grain Marketing Services; a division of Cargill's Knowledge Based Products. I have enjoyed my career in Agriculture and look forward to future developments in it. I appreciate the complexity and movements of the grain markets. I enjoy the challenges of working with producers to market their grain in an always moving world market and I'm happy to be on board with IntelliFARM Inc in Saskatchewan.

IntelliFARM Notice: Bob passed away unexpectedly in January 2018. We enjoyed having him as part of our team and the expertise he brought to the table. We will remember and miss him as both a friend and advisor.

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Jordan Friesen

I grew up in the small farming community of Halbstadt, MB located between Altona and Emerson, and I have been surrounded by agriculture my whole life. After graduating high school, I became very interested in the Ag industry. I decided to further my education at the University of Manitoba Faculty of Agriculture, where I graduated with my Agribusiness Diploma in the spring of 2015.

Following my post secondary education, I proceeded to rent farm land and get my feet dirty on the producer side of things, as well as opening a futures trading brokerage account. I became fascinated by economics and markets/commodities. My interest grew as I began studying the technical and fundamental reasons for price fluctuations in the markets. It was at this point that I realized I really wanted to create a marketing position for myself within the Ag industry.

During the fall of 2016, I took a position as an advisor with Ag-Chieve Grain Marketing in Winnipeg, MB. It was there that I got my start in grain market advising and gained valuable knowledge in risk management.

I am very excited to join the team of advisors at IntelliFARM. My ultimate goal is to properly manage risk and to establish profitable opportunities for our clients, while maintaining 100% integrity. I believe that running my own farm operation part-time is a huge asset, as I understand the ins and outs producers experience firsthand. Along with cultivating these values, I look forward to developing lasting relationships with producers and merchants in the process. It is truly the people within the Ag community that make it the best industry on the planet to be a part of!

Joel Bunkowsky

Growing up on a family farm southwest of Winnipeg near Brunkild, Manitoba, farming has always been a part of my life. As a young boy, I have fond memories of working on the farm alongside my grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles. As I grew older, although I wasn't farming, I knew that my life would remain in agriculture.

In my early twenties, I went back to school to obtain my Ag Diploma. After graduation, I started working with United Grain Growers in Fannystelle, Manitoba on the Ag Retail side of the business. Soon after that there was an opportunity to work in the Grain Terminal. On the grain farm, while spending time at the elevator with my father, I was always intrigued with the procedure at the grain elevators. When this opportunity presented itself I jumped at it and proceeded to work my way up to Manager of the Grain Terminal and Ag Retail. I've spent 22 years working in the industry forming relationships, gaining knowledge of grain procurement and handling. Over the years, and after a few company mergers, I also took on the role of Grain Buyer and quickly realized that the marketing aspect of my job, and working with and advising customers was becoming my main interest and focus.

With the dissolution of the CWB resulting in increasing competition for business, I realized that the marketing situation for the producer was not going to get any easier. The pressure for producers to sell their grain increased my focus on analyzing the markets to determine how to best understand and maneuver through the volatile markets, while trying to achieve a better bottom line for the producer.

My experience in all aspects of grain procurement combined with knowledge of the industry, will achieve strategic and efficient grain marketing plans and there will be much benefit available to future customers. I am excited to start this next chapter with IntelliFARM, looking forward to analyzing the dynamic grain and oilseed markets, providing unbiased marketing advice to the producers I've met over the years, and focusing on increasing their profitability.

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